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Aldridge Medical Care has been serving the medical marijuana community for more than six years and has provided SB 420 exemptions to those patients in need.  The SB 420 exemption, commonly called "Grower's License," is a provision of California state law which says a physician may grant a patient an exception to the State Bill 420 law regarding the total amount of medical cannabis which can be legally possessed at any one time.   The law limits the amount of dried marijuana possessed to 8 ounces and the amount of plants grown to 6 mature (flowering) or 12 immature (budding).

For many patients and their caregivers, these limited amounts are insufficient, especially if they are growing the medicine, and especially if they are producing concentrated or edible forms of the medicine.  Therefore, we have been happy to grant exemptions to patients if warranted by their medical needs and circumstances.

Given the difficulty for patients to adequately cultivate the quantity and quality of medicine needed, given the uncertainty of patients' legal access to medicine through dispensaries which often close down, and given the need for large quantities to be obtained in order to produce oils, edibles, topicals, and other concentrated forms (which we would encourage over smoking),  we are making the following types of SB 420 exemptions available:

General SB 420 Exemption

This is our standard exemption giving patients permission to grow and possess more medical marijuana than State Bill 420 normally allows, including ability to manufacture edibles and concentrates.  No specific amounts are stated and must be determined by the patient and their legal counsel.  This exemption is included in our Level 2 Full Protection (see Services and Fees).  Level 2 Full Protection fee: $50

Specific SB 420 Exemption

This exemption has specific amounts of marijuana allowed stated in its text: up to 6 lbs. of dried marijuana, and up to 99 plants grown. This exemption is included in our Level 3 Full Protection (see Services and Fees).  Level 3 Full Protection fee: $100

Terms and Conditions

In order to be granted an exemption, a patient must be a current Aldridge Medical Care medical marijuana patient, having been seen by Dr. Sean Aldridge.  Patients requesting any SB 420 exemptions do so in agreement with the stipulation that (1) the exemptions be used only for their personal medical needs and those of the patients for whom they are legally primary caregivers, (2) no illegal activities or illegal use of the medication obtained under the exemptions will be conducted, such as illegal sale or distribution.  We encourage patients to consult with legal counsel and growing experts regarding the amount of cannabis that they can personally grow or possess which would be considered "reasonable" by the courts.  We have contact information for growing experts and attorneys, if needed.  Full Protection Services fees are in addition to to the usual evaluation fees. Full Protection Services may be obtained separately or in combination with an evaluation. We reserve the right to change our fee structure without notice. For more information, please give us a call at 818-386-1273, after 11 a.m., Tuesday - Saturday.
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