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Can sex cause constipation that is anal? along with other questions that are burning

Quick response: no.

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Q: Background: I, a 21-year-old male, enjoy fisting that is receptive. I have also had constipation issues all my entire life. Concern: we saw my physician recently, in which he attempted to link my enjoyment of anal intercourse to my constipation. (Granted, i did not simply tell him EVERYTHING we do down here.) My understanding had been that there is no relationship that is causal presuming no severe injuries happen. Can there be something I’m not sure? Ended up being my medical practitioner simply attempting to be helpful? —Fearing Internal Sanctum Tarnished

A: “There are many urban myths about anal intercourse, but this is actually the very first time we’ve heard this 1,” stated Dr. Peter Shalit, your physician in Seattle and an associate regarding the lgbt healthcare Association.

It is also the time that is first’ve heard anyone associate fisting with constipation—typically whenever fisting is mentioned in identical phrase as constipation, FIST, it’s as a remedy. But it is a misconception that fisting remedies constipation, needless to say, just like it is a myth that anal sex is inherently dangerous.

“Fisting is just an activity that is safe so long as both the very best and bottom are sober during the time,” stated Shalit. “It doesn’t cause harm or constipation or other kind of bowel issue. keep reading