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24 Dudes Share The Warning Flags They Normally Use To Spot “Crazy” Girls

24 Dudes Share The Warning Flags They Normally Use To Spot “Crazy” Girls

She’s a victim

She isn’t the victim if she plays the victim constantly, too well.

“Everyone is against single russian women me” is just a fucking good way to inform if bitch is crazy

“I hate drama.”

“I don’t result in the drama nonetheless it constantly generally seems to find me”

None of her children have a similar final name.

Girls whom love horses

women that are in love with horses are essentially rich pet women.

“I’m maybe not like other girls.”

If she throws the ” I’m perhaps not like other girls. ” She’s either insane or an insane bitch. Ex-wife for evidence

The trifecta

“Everyone does not just like me, my children won’t even talk to me… I don’t know why!” Pro tip: Run.

She’s got dilemmas in the office

A dead hand out is focusing on how many people she’s got difficulties with at the job. 1-2 is typical. 3-4 now I’m skeptical. 5+ this woman is probably crazy together with issue.

Extremely connected too early; seemingly have lots of leisure time with no friends that are real talk about and I also understand i would be considered a minority right here, but going right to one thing really kinky also.

The first NSA

If, after dating for a days that are few she grabs your phone without authorization and begins going right on through it. The first NSA…women.

Identifies with crazy individuals

She loves reading Sylvia Plath.

Dramatic meme individual

I’ve constantly noticed chicks that post those facebook that is dramatic.

Example: “Sometimes 2 individuals have to be lost to be able to again find each other” with a back ground pic of the sunset….

Yea, those bitches are crazy.

They usually have no feminine buddies

“I’m just friends with dudes, girls are only too crazy” At that time we understand there’s gonna be one thing up.

Any Office

She’s kinky

Good principle is crazy during sex means crazy into the mind.

Functions at a hair salon

Manipulative crying

Crying about stupid things. Particularly in the context when trying getting her means or persuade you of something.

Im a lady, but my companion is really a crazy bitch walking warning sign.

She take down a man (seriously; black colored eyes and all sorts of) over a burger master morning meal sandwich.

Stabbed some guy with a fork to get febreeze inside her mashed potatoes.

Claims ‘Im going to state you raped me’ to every man whom makes her mad.

Its very difficult being her buddy since we were babies so its hard to cut ties because we are polar opposites and I blatantly tell her how disturbed she is but we have been friends.

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